My Articles

A list of my published articles on various Islamic blogs:

Productive Muslim:

How to Seek Benefit in Your Recitation of Quran?

Hiba Magazine Blog:

The Best Days are Here! (about the first 10 days of Dhul Hajj)

A Day in my Shoes (A story from Gaza)

My Family on Fire!

Khadijah (rta) – A guiding light for every Muslimah

Islamic Online University Blog:

In the Protection of Al- Hakeem

If – The door for Shaitan

Preparing for the Light

From Rajab to Ramadan

Seeking Sincerity

(Part 1) Muslim Parenting – Whats and Hows

(Part 2) Muslim Parenting- Whats and Hows

(Part 3) Muslim Parenting – Whats and Hows

IIPH blog (International Islamic Publishing House)

Nurturing Eeman in Children – A Book Review

A Knock at the Door (a Ramadan themed fiction story)

In the Footsteps of Ibrahim (alayhi salam) – the Haneef

An Antidote for Grief

Seven Beliefs for a Successful Life

Deterring Shaitan with the remembrance of Allah

Raising Ummah – Centered Children

Connecting our children to the Qur’an

Enriching our Bond with the Prophet (sa)

Of Perfume and Smoke – Keeping the Right company

Winter – A Blessing for the Believers

How can we achieve Supreme Victory?

Six Reasons to say NO to TV


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