The Whale Attack

boat[An old, old story I found in my files, written as a homework in 8th grade. Enjoy!]

“Nine citizens of Baghdad died and over 50 people were badly injured, more bombing on Iraq “this was the headline of today’s paper which Mr. Abdullah was reading.

Mr. Abdullah was a farmer. He had an enormous, rich, green farm with lots and lots of trees laden with juicy, ripe and mouth watering fruits; this farm was also the home of many animals. Camels, goats, sheep, cows, horses, monkeys, ducks, hens and many different kinds of birds and animals lived here.

The hardworking and intelligent farmer had a family of 12 children, his wife and parents, and they all lived by the sea. It was a large family, which he had to feed by working day and night but the whole family, worked with him too, this made it easier for him. The children fed the animals and took care of them, his wife and mother prepared appetizing and delicious food, while the farmer and his father worked on the enormous gardens. It was a happy family, but recently the war on Iraq was making them sorrowful. They wanted to do something for the Iraqi people.

In the evenings after a long, tiring day the family would gather round and listen to a story while gulping and sipping the fresh milk. Today grandpa was relating a story about war. After listening to the interesting story everyone began to talk about the ongoing war, but Mr. Abdullah was quiet. He was thinking about how he could help to liberate Iraq. He finally came up with an idea and discussed it with his father.

“Father, I think it is time to the ark gifted to you by great-great grandfather, we can load all our animals and some weapons and then we can all go to Iraq and fight “, he suggested to his father.

“I think it is a fabulous idea “, grandpa said and later everyone agreed too.

So the very next day they set to work. They boarded all their animals on the 4 level ship, with 399 rooms. After doing so they gathered their provisions and any weapons that they could find. When everything was ready they all climbed the wooden, rackety staircase and their perilous journey began that led them to a most entertaining adventure. The first two days passed by peacefully and everything was calm; the family was enjoying the wind and the waves. They were fishing on the deck when suddenly & unexpectedly they heard a strange noise and then saw a school of whales shooting towards them.

“Get the guns and arrows “, Mr. Abdullah shouted and Saad his eldest son fetched them without wasting a second.

The whales were approaching closer & closer and the arrows and bullets were not effective against their thick skin. Abruptly the ship began to rock. It was the whales hitting the ship. Everyone held on to the poles and railings, but Sadia losing control of her Sadia the youngest slipped and began to rock here and there. Ma’az who was holding onto a doorknob near her grabbed her hand and saved her. All of them were relieved but they still had to fight off the whales.

All of a sudden there was a terrific roar, and a huge hole was seen in the ship. Asma quickly jammed two chairs and some cushions on it, which stemmed the water from entering “chivalrous” (the name of their ark). Fortunately the whales’ heads were not strong enough to make another hole, however they still kept rocking the ship. Saadia slipped again but this time she caught hold of the edge of the ark. Her eyes closed for a minute and then suddenly she heard an eerie voice.

“Hit hard mates maybe one of those beens (what whales call humans) will fall out and we can eat him”

Sadia was surprised. She looked and saw the whales talking to each other.

“Wow, they can talk!” she whispered to herself.

Maybe the whales had sharp ears for they heard her and looked up.

“Look, a beeny. I’ll jump up and catch her,” the leader said

“Oh please uncle whale, don’t eat me”, pleaded Sadia.

“We will, we will beeny, we’re hungry and there is no fish for us left in the ocean”

Sadia was smart & clever even though she was only four years old. An idea struck her.

“Hey, listen whales let’s be friends, we’re going to a place where there are lots of people we’d like you to kill. You can accompany us. We won’t be enough to feed you all but they will be” she tried to cheer them up.

The whales discussed the matter among themselves for sometime and finally they agreed to accompany them.

“Father these whales can talk and I have talked to them and now they are friends and they will accompany us and …………” she told them the whole story.

“Now silly girl you are only imagining things but I wish it was true”, said father

“Father it is true, try for yourself”


“Whales can you really talk?” shouted Mr. Abdullah.

“Yes sir and your girl said that we can eat your enemies,” replied the whales.

“Yes, yes there are hundreds of them, can you push the ship so we can go faster”

“Yes sir”, they chorused, “hold on tight!”

Everybody held on to something near him or her. They had an enjoyable journey and soon, they reached Iraq ahead of schedule. The whales were hungry and immediately ate all the American ships, while the courageous family was fighting on land. All the animals were very angry for not getting food and began to attack and eat the opposition.

The goats rushed into the tanks and destroyed them with the help of their horns; the horses kicked the American troops, the hens and birds pecked on their heads. The monkeys threw coconuts on them and giraffes ate all the planes and helicopters. This is how Iraq was won and liberated.

Accidentally, the whales also ate “chivalrous” so they carried the family on their back, back to Pakistan. They narrated their story of this great adventure to me.

(I am Mr. Abdullah’s second cousin’s mother’s sister’s niece’s grand- daughter’s cousin)



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