The Choice….


One is a murky, gloomy and dark night; full of grief, frustration, torment, hardships and an incessant struggle. Yet, you’ve knowledge that as soon as the first rays of dawn emerge in the horizon, your troubles and labour will turn into joy and eternal bliss. There will be no worry, no pain, no sorrow, not a single millisecond of tiredness. The morning will bring you out in a world of complete and pure, everlasting pleasure; in the world of heart rendering beauty and abundant luxuries, valleys and palaces of gold and silver, diamonds and pearls. Delectable and luscious ready-to-eat delicacies served by the most handsome and mannerly of servants. Moreover, all your knowledge about this day is just a trailer, there will be more to come, much more than you expect; things you’ve never seen or heard of, things you are incapable of imagining!

Contrary to that, there’s another night. A lively and lovely night where in you can enjoy to your utmost limit, play around, entertain yourself and have fun. Do whatever you want and in any way that you want. It’s full of laughter and luminosity, freedom and enjoyment. However, the moment this night is wrapped up by the proceeding day you’ll enter a world of suffering and pain; torment that will never end and a fire that will never extinguish. Excruciating and never-ending agony; this is what the morning will have in store. Cries and screams, bugs and serpents, fire and fire! (O Allah! Save us from it!)

You have a choice between how you wish to spend your night. The morning is bound to come, it’s just around the corner….the meeting with our Rabb is destined. Now, the choice is yours….


“Whoever should hope for the meeting with Allah – indeed, the term decreed by Allah is coming. And He is the Hearing, the Knowing.”[Surah Ankabut 29:5]


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